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Paedocommunion Who’s Who

Our who's who has two main sections. Immediately below we have listed a few individuals advocating paedocommunion who are fairly well known. The second main section identifies various church traditions and denominations which practice paedocommunion or make it available as an option.

Prominent Paedocommunionists

Conservative Reformed & Presbyterian

R. C. Sproul Jr. Publisher of Every Thought Captive magazine; director, Highlands Study Center; former Editor-in-Chief of Table Talk.

G. I. Williamson. Author of numerous study books. Minister emeritus, OPC. Co-authored the denominational majority report favouring paedocommunion.

James Jordan. Author of numerous books, including Through New Eyes, Creation in Six Days, and the recent Primeval Saints.

Peter Leithart. Author of numerous books, including Blessed Are the Hungry: Meditations on the Lord's Supper. President, Theopolis Institute; former fellow of Theology & Literature, New St. Andrews College.

Robert Rayburn Jr. Author of the volume on Hebrews in the Evangelical Commentary on the Bible. Pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church (PCA), Tacoma, Washington. Authored the PCA minority report favouring paedocommunion.

C. John "Jack" Collins. Professor of OT, Covenant Theological Seminary (PCA).

Steve Wilkins. Pastor of Auburn Avenue Presbyterian Church (CREC, formerly PCA) in Monroe, Louisiana.

Ray Vander Laan. Best known for his Holy Land tours and corresponding instructional videos.

Gary North. Author and editor of numerous books, including Crossed Fingers and Unconditional Surrender.

R. J. Rushdoony. Author of By What Standard? and many other books. Founder of Chalcedon Report. (Deceased)

Andrew Sandlin. President of Center for Cultural Leadership.

Ray Sutton. Author, Reformed Episcopal Bishop.

Curtis Crenshaw. Author, Dean & Professor of OT, Cranmer House Theological Seminary.


N. T. Wright. Well-respected NT scholar and author of dozens of books, including Who Was Jesus? and the massive Jesus and the Victory of God and The Resurrection of the Son of God. Former Dean of Lichfield Cathedral, former Canon Theologian at Westminster Abbey, present Bishop of Durham. Church of England.

William Willimon. Author of numerous books on preaching and sacraments, including Remember Who You Are. United Methodist.

Traditions and Denominations Practicing Paedocommunion

Eastern Orthodox

Christian Reformed Church of North America (discretion of local church, adopted June 2011)

Reformed Episcopal (REC) Decision whether to admit children is up to the local church.

Federation of Reformed Churches (U.S.A.)

Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (Some churches only.)

Covenant Presbyterian Church (Some churches only.)

Evangelical Catholic Church (Lutheran - subscribes to the Formula of Concord)

Prevalent in Anglicanism (majority practice in North America)

Some other Lutheran bodies

To find an evangelical Reformed or Presbyterian church in your area which practices paedocommunion, be sure to check out our churches page.