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• The 2006 Christian Reformed Synod has given paedocommunion a green light - becoming the first large evangelical Reformed body in North America to do so.

The Case for Covenant Communion, edited by Gregg Strawbridge and including among its contributors Rob Rayburn, Douglas Wilson, James Jordan, Tim Gallant, and others, is now available from Athanasius Press.


Along with an online bibliography, linked to dozens of articles around the Internet, paedocommunion.com hosts a handful of articles on site, including some material not readily available elsewhere.

Contemporary Writers

The Biblical Meaning of "Self-Examination" (Dokimazo), by Matt Colvin

Brief Theses on Communion and Covenant Children, by Tim Gallant

Discerning the Body: 1 Corinthians 11:29 & Paedocommunion, by Tim Gallant

Examination & Remembrance, by Tim Gallant

For the Children’s Sake, by Rich Lusk

Paedocommunion & the Three Forms of Unity, by Tim Gallant

Venema On Covenant Radio: A Brief Response to An Interview on Paedocommunion, by Tim Gallant


From the Historical Vault

Excerpt on Paedocommunion from the Common Places, by Wolfgang Musculus

Paedocommunion in the Church Fathers: A Catena of Quotations, edited by Tim Gallant